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New Home Construction

During the last decade or so we have seen a huge increase in the amount of houses that are being demolished and rebuilt. Of course the advantage to this is that you can rebuild a house tailored to your specific and individual requirements and also to the requirements of modern day living. Nowadays, houses of the past life are no longer big enough or suitable for living in.

We have had a long relationship with numerous local architects and we are able to offer a service from design to completion



There will come a time when you will find that you are outgrowing your existing home and you have a decision whether to move or to extend.

If you have the room availiable to extend then an extension may be more appropiate especially when you consided the ever increasing cost of having to move house.

Extending your home can be stressful - Tradesman will be in and out of your house for months and you might not be able to use your garden during this time. However, at P Hampton & Son we are comitted to ensuring that every project we are involved with is as hassle free as possible. We believe that this is possible through good and constant communication with the customers as well as careful and considerate planning.


Your home is one of your most valued possessions, so it is only right that you should keep it looking at its best, and that when it comes to making any necessary changes and improvements to your home, whether it be a complete new refurb, structural changes, or just internal decorations, you choose tradesman who are right for the job and tradesman you know will do a good job.

By making changes and improving your home you can add value to the price of your house, therefore investing in your future. However if you get it wrong, then not only does it cost a lot of money to put right but it is also a lengthy and stressful process. Thats why time and time again people are choosing P Hampton & Son. People can trust that we provide them with a `top notch` job and that no job is finished until you are entirely satisfied with the work done.

Loft Conversions

Sometimes we outgrow our current space and with the high cost of moving house it is necessary to create extra space in our homes.

Making use of the wasted space in your loft and creating extra space is an extremely cost effective way of increasing your living space especially where you dont have enough space to extend outwards. It is cheaper and a lot more hassle free than moving house.

It has been proved that by building a loft conversion you can add 20% to the value of your property which can add up to between £15,000 and £35,000.

Restoration and Repairs

P Hampton & Son are specialists in repairs to older and listed buildings. We have been involved in a lot of projects involving grade 1 and grade 2 listed buildings, and we have always been praised for our high standards.

We will work meticulously alongside conservation officers, planning departments and building control officers who are responsible for the jurasdiction of the renovation to older and listed buildings.

We will carry out considerable investigations so that we can guarantee that the materials used during the project, maintain the personality and autheticity of your home. The broad expertise of ourselves and our suppliers means that we can work with you providing recommendations and information right the way through the project.